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Running sales doesn't require a dozen tools.

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The all-in-one sales platform built to help you focus.

Diagram of four steps. The first reads "Manual Email," the second reads "Automated Follow-up," the third reads "Call," and the fourth reads "Automated Follow-up"


From calling to scheduling, get what you need at the moment you need it.

  • Automate sales sequences

    rift takes care of any automated or manual follow ups that you need to do.

  • A computer tab showing a manual email being written, with an arrow feeding into a second step for creating an automated email.
  • Manage Deliverability

    Everything you need to stay compliant with Gmail and Outlook.

  • A window showing several bar charts detailing how many emails have been successfully delivered.
  • Schedule Meetings

    Track your performance and book more demos with fully integrated meeting scheduling.

  • A mobile calendar view showing availabilities during March and a prominent button to schedule the meeting.
  • Make Calls

    Call your prospects directly from rift.

  • Window showing a business contact that with an active call bar.
  • Automate data entry

    rift tracks contact data from first touch to conversion.

  • Window showing several entries for interacting with a business contact

How to get started

rift guides you through the operational setup.


Infrastructure setup

rift helps set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Three cards stacked on top of each other, signifying DNS records

Phone and email

Connect your email accounts and phone numbers.

Three different contact cards stacked on top of each other. The first card lists emails, the second lists phone numbers, and the third lists meeting availability.

Connect to your CRM

Connect your CRM to sync data to and from rift.

Three phone book entries stack on top of each other.

Start selling

Your team is ready to start sending sequences.

A contact card that shows the deal has been successfully negotiated and closed.

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Since signing up with rift, my sales pipeline has increased exponentially from week to week.

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